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the summer checklist — how did i do?

September 2, 2013

Back in June, I posted a summer to-do list, listing 15 things I wanted to see, do and eat. Even though summer apparently extends into October here in San Diego, I feel like Labor Day is summer’s unofficial finish line. So I figured it was a good time to check in on my list because, hey, I got a couple more months to complete it, right?

1. Hike at least 5 new and different trails, some with Teddy.
OK, so I now realize summer isn’t an ideal time to plan a bunch of hikes, given that a lot of these hikes are inland where it’s scorching hot after 8 am. That said, I did three: Mt. Woodson, Torrey Pines and Sunset Cliffs, the last of which isn’t quite a hike but that’s just semantics. As for Teddy, it would be impossible to hike in the summer with him unless we left at the crack of dawn; he would not enjoy that heat. Here’s a snap from the popular Potato Chip Rock on the Mt. Woodson trail:

2. Barbecue.
We just bought a grill for our balcony!

3. Make friends with a grill-owner. (See #2)
We went to a friend of a friend’s July 4th BBQ and this past weekend our neighbors had us over for a college football kickoff BBQ.

4. Bike through Coronado and Bird Rock.
Nope. But I walked around Bird Rock yesterday!

5. Attend a few Meet-Up events.
No. The kind of activities I’m into are the kinds that attract moms of 5 kids and grandmothers are into (i.e. restaurant exploring or movie nights). Much love to the mommas and grandmommas, but I’d like to meet people my age.

6. Picnic on the beach.
Yes! We took bagels and coffee from Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy out to Sunset Cliffs.

7. Stand-up paddleboard.

8. Go to this.
Ugh, not yet.

9. Hit up the Coronado dog beach at least every 2 weeks.
I now realize this was a stupid thing to say because going to the dog beach twice a week means Teddy gets an intense bath twice a week. We went three times this summer, which I think is a pretty good rate.

9. Make a July 4th cake like this. (I’ve always, always wanted to but never had the chance.)

10. Buy a fedora, Panama or some other summer-y hat.
No, but I got a free baseball cap at an event. Does that count?

11. Throw a brunch party.
Sadly no.

12. Try a Bardot ice cream bar.
Ate it. Loved it. Will eat it again.

13. Snorkel in La Jolla.

14. Watch the sunset from a swanky rooftop while good dance music plays.
There wasn’t dance music, but I saw an epic sunset on the outdoor patio at Bertrand at Mister A’s, a very swanky Banker’s Hill restaurant.

15. Watch the sunset from somewhere totally remote.
Does our apartment balcony count?

Hope you had a sunny, fun-filled summer yourself!

3 thoughts on “the summer checklist — how did i do?

  1. Rhiannon

    Just went stand up paddle boarding yesterday at Mission Bay and loved it!! Let me know if you want to go, I’ll come with you!


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