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the (holiday) weekend at a glance

July 8, 2013

A glance at the weekend that made Thursday feel like Saturday, Friday feel like Monday and Saturday feel like…Tuesday?

I finally, finally baked an American Flag Cake. It consisted of boxed cake mix, Cool Whip and berries, so, sure nothing supremely innovative here. But there is something so wonderful about a junk food cake like this. I thought I’d have had leftovers to give to the neighbors, but that obviously never happened.

Went to a BBQ at my friend’s friend’s house. I got to have my hot dogs and crinkle-cut potato chips, which are sort of what America is all about, right?

This was the view of fireworks from my friend’s apartment. Technically, we should’ve been able to see fireworks from Ocean Beach, Sea World, downtown and the harbor. That held true for the first few minutes, but then the smoke headed our direction and blocked the rest of the show. By the end, all you could see were neon lights illuminating the sky. It gave me a good heads up as to what the Apocalypse will look like.

Teddy is beginning to calm down, meaning less biting and more opportunities to hug him. Eaman and I will literally sit down next to him and hug him repeatedly. Before he’d fidget or get mouthy on us, but now I can start doing things like you see in the above picture. (FYI, he’s grown but not into the abnormally large dog you see in this photo. It’s a weird angle.) We’re also leaving him out of the crate more while we work. I love having a snoozy pup at my feet while I type away.

Farmer’s market tomatoes for an upcoming blog project.

I bit the bullet and decided to spend (a little) money on our balcony. On the left are our new basil and tomato plants. (I already made this pesto that doesn’t require a food processor, and it was out of this world.) on the right are Target string lights powered by a solar panel. It should solve the conundrum of not having a plug point out there.

I don’t know for sure, but I think this couple was being married on this restaurant patio. It was adorable.

Do you or do you not love Teddy’s new bone-shaped name tag? I know, we took forever to get one, but I finally found a site that makes them for under $3 (free shipping!). Now he jingles as he walks like all the other pups.

Oh, and you may have also noticed that I spruced up the left sidebar. I was itching for some change and love being able to experiment with my meager graphic design skills. Now you can quickly jump to some of the more popular topics.

Hope you had a long, sunny, hot dog-filled holiday weekend!

2 thoughts on “the (holiday) weekend at a glance

  1. Amy

    let me know how the target solar-powered lights are working! i’ve been wanting some lights for our patio but the one outdoors outlet is quite awkwardly placed. once i lift my self-imposed ban on target home decor, i may just purchase them… :)

    1. Archana Post author

      For $20, so far, so good! It’s nice that I don’t have to buy some fancy battery each time (since it’s AA), and I like that the bulb casings are plastic instead of glass, so there’s no chance of them smashing against the metal balcony railing. It gives off nice light, but it’s a bit more blue than yellow, if that makes a difference. (I personally like a little yellow.) I think it’s a good solution when you’re ready to buy. But I know ALL about self-imposed Target bans, especially when you’re furnishing a new apartment. Good luck!


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