picnic round-up

July 10, 2013

I’ve never been one to class up a picnic. In fact, I had every intention of sharing a few snaps from a little outing we had a few weeks ago. Eaman and I had picked up sandwiches from BFD (Big Front Door) — skip the overpriced sandwiches, go for the cool craft sodas and epic cookies — and headed over to Old Trolley Barn Park on Adams Avenue in University Heights. (It sounds much more “country jamboree” than it really is.) But the fact of the matter is, there wasn’t much to show. A canvas tote? Small sandwiches? Tattered blanket? It got me thinking about how I’d style my own picnic given an expense account and some freedom to go with a melon color palette.

Check out my picks after the jump:

Clockwise from top left…

Roxy blanket. What I’m actually on the hunt for is a bright neon Mexican-style textile, but this red beach blanket is a close alternative.

A Sunny Afternoon walnut serving board. This newly launched brand by graphic designer and blogger Sarah Sherman Samuel is all about the art of handmade crafts and quality picnic goods. I actually love this hexagon serving platter, but it’s sold out. Can’t complain if this other walnut piece is my backup.

Mixed print napkin set. Ah, Leif. I love pretty much any and everything on this site — these cloth napkins included.

Freestroke serving tray. Leif again. Love how simple this tray is. Won’t that fruit cake stand out so beautifully on it?

Gold flatware. This 5-piece set steps up the fancy-pants level of your picnic. This is how you know you’re in your late 20’s/early 30’s: You buy gilded silverware.

What else should we take on the picnic?

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