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{our rituals} shelby and taryn of joielala photographie

July 12, 2013

When you freelance for a wedding magazine, you start to learn pretty quickly who the best in the (local) biz are. Planners, venues, florists, cake makers — yeah, I’m pretty well-versed in all that. Of all the vendors I’ve come across, though, I’ve been most smitten by the romantic images captured by Shelby and Taryn of Joielala Photographie. This San Diego-based duo shoots events (weddings, engagements, etc.), family portraits and even boudoir scenes. I asked the gals how they like to unwind from the non-stop party train that is summer wedding season. Hint: It involves a juicer and international jet-setting.

Name: Shelby Clark
Age: 33
Hometown: West Coast, USA
Current City: Carlsbad, CA
Occupation: Photographer

I finally got a juicer for my birthday and it’s pretty hard to imagine life without it. I love to start my day with a glass of fresh juice whether it’s mostly fruit or vegetable doesn’t really matter – it’s such a perfect way to prepare for the day. Juicing is also the best for a quick 3 day cleanse to kick-start your body and steer you towards a healthier, whole food lifestyle. My favorite juice recipe is Strawberry-Pineapple-Mint juice:

1/2 large pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into cubes
1 cup strawberries
1 pear
30 mint leaves

Spending Sundays in the backyard
Now that summer is upon us you can’t get me and my husband out of the backyard. It’s our own little tropical paradise filled with palms, citrus trees, hibiscus, plumeria and bougainvillea it feels like we’re in our own little island oasis. We’ve built ourselves a fun little cantina bar where we love to enjoy cocktails with friends. If we’re not entertaining we’re snoozing in the hammock or tending to our veggie and herb garden.

Zu girl
Nothing puts me in a better mood than snuggling with our pug-beagle, Zulu. Our entire world revolves around her and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves naps, bananas, sleeping in the sun, high fives and burrowing under the covers.

Name: Taryn Kent
Age: 33
Hometown: Montrose, CA
Current City: Cardiff by the Sea, CA
Occupation: Photographer

Beach walks with my pug
I live a few blocks from the beach. Since I currently don’t have a yard at my place, I like to think of the beach as my backyard. Having a dog with no yard forces me to take daily walks. I love it when my boyfriend is in town so that him and his dog can join us… but often times it’s just myself and my little pug, Tank. This beach is one of Tank’s favorite place to go… he goes crazy on the sand, jumping in the waves and chasing the birds. It never gets old. It’s one of the best ways to de-stress and I’m always pinching myself that this is where I live!

Hanging with friends
Nothing better to me than meeting up with some of my best girlfriends for some happy hour or girl time. Working from home I realized quickly that it meant much more time alone, so I make it a point to get out and meet up with friends weekly to laugh and catch up. If we’re not up for happy hour, we meet up to watch a movie, check out a concert, go for a hike or yoga!

One of the best part about owning your own business to me is the freedom to travel more. It can be hard at times with the workload, but I try to make time to take off now and then whether it’s a short weekend getaway up the coast, a camping trip, or a big vacation overseas. I try to do at least one international trip a year (if i can financially!). My boyfriend and I just got back from a month long trip to New Zealand which was insane. Shooting photos for myself while traveling is the best way to keep my creative juices flowing!

You can also find Joielala on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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