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the summer checklist

June 12, 2013

Somewhere between a freelance writing career, social media position, this blog, puppy-rearing, friends-making, relationship-nurturing and home decorating, I gave up on me time and the things outside of the home that make me happy. But with summer upon us and a 6-month San Diego-versy looming, I thought, what better time than a new season to get back on track?

I very much thrive on lists, so I thought I’d share the 15 things on my summer checklist. They’re not ground-breaking activities, but they are the things that make me happiest. When life gets in the way, you sometimes have to put the fun stuff on a to-do list.

1. Hike at least 5 new and different trails, some with Teddy.
2. Barbecue.
3. Make friends with a grill-owner. (See #2)
4. Bike through Coronado and Bird Rock.
5. Attend a few Meet-Up events.
6. Picnic on the beach.
7. Stand-up paddleboard.
8. Go to this.
9. Hit up the Coronado dog beach at least every 2 weeks.
9. Make a July 4th cake like this. (I’ve always, always wanted to but never had the chance.)
10. Buy a fedora, Panama or some other summer-y hat.
11. Throw a brunch party.
12. Try a Bardot ice cream bar.
13. Snorkel in La Jolla.
14. Watch the sunset from a swanky rooftop while good dance music plays.
15. Watch the sunset from somewhere totally remote.


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