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meet slomo: a neurologist-turned-skater-dude in pacific beach

April 2, 2014

Slo Mo Skating San Diego

I haven’t spent all that much time in Pacific Beach, a typical SoCal coastal neighborhood with surfers, skaters, party hoppers, and the like. But I have spent enough time there to know about the famous Slomo, who frequents the boardwalk on roller blades… on one leg… and in slow motion.

As it turns out, Slomo is actually 69-year-old John Kitchin, a former neurologist who decided to leave his life of materialism and working himself “into oblivion” to, quite simply, do what he wanted. And what we wanted to do was skate.

In this New York Times documentary, filmmaker Josh Izenberg gets to know the man behind Slomo, who talks about taking the other fork in the road, the neurological pleasures of skating, and why he used to be a self-proclaimed asshole. It’s a very cool film that serves as a great reminder to step back every once in a while, evaluate the day to day, and decide if what you’re doing in life is as fulfilling and thoughtful as you’d want it to be.

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