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a beach day in la jolla

July 3, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend I wanted to go to the beach with Eaman’s friends who were visiting, then Teddy got diarrhea and I was sequestered at home. In mid-June, Eaman’s family came to visit and I let them have a long day of beachy fun while I took care of the puppy. That’s all fine and well — this is the responsibility I accepted when becoming a puppy owner — but after I got back from my week at home in New Jersey, I basically mandated a beach trip.

So last weekend, we packed up the badminton set, magazines and body board and headed to our favorite beach (so far): Windansea in La Jolla. It’s clean, populated by a nice, non-fratty clientele and there’s a good amount of sand to lay on. On that day, the waves were huge and the surfers were doing all sorts of tricks. It was crazy to watch some young kids get out there, too.

And when it’s a beach day, I can’t not have Mexican food, so we tried out the chain Rigoberto’s. You must order the beef rolled tacos with cheese and guacamole (pictured after the jump). You must not order the chicken anything — very suspect meat.

We ended the day at Bardot, an artisanal ice cream shop that specializes in girly, gourmet bars. (You may remember that this was #12 on my summer checklist!) I had a hard time deciding between flavors: mascarpone and dulce de leche or mint chocolate chip? Raspberry green tea or strawberry cheesecake? We ended up sharing the “Honey I’m Home,” a cookies and cream bar topped with an Oreo covered in edible glitter. The glitter may or may not have been the deciding factor. These bars are expensive ($5-6 each), but legit. Fun fact: Bardot is the first place where I’ve seen alfajores — traditional South American sandwich cookies filled with dulce de leche — since our three-month stint in Argentina.

Click onwards to see what this beach, those rolled tacos and that sparkly Oreo are all about:



6 thoughts on “a beach day in la jolla

    1. Archana Post author

      Thanks! Photo credit goes to Eaman. And don’t worry, I’m sure Chicago will get nice and sunny (and HOT) soon!

  1. Diana

    Absolutely love your beach pics, and the description of everything (including those luscious bars.) I’m in desperate need of a beach day, so I’m happy someone got one. I did smile when I saw the pile of magazines… Curious if anyone else brings books and magazines to the beach, only to spend the entire time people and ocean watching?

    1. Archana Post author

      Thanks, Diana! Chalk it up to coming home to a pile of new magazines after being away for a week, but I actually read those! But I feel ya when it comes to books. I can never, ever pay attention to a book while I’m on the sand! Thanks for reading.

  2. Jamie

    Your blog is a joy to read! I’ve lived in San Diego all my life. It’s refreshing to read your blog and see San Diego from a new comers perspective. Great pictures of windansea, and the yummy ice cream.

    1. Archana Post author

      Thanks so much, Jamie! It’s simultaneously exciting and intimidating to be in a new city, but it’s a good excuse to keep trying/seeing different things. Have you had a Bardot bar? They’re just divine. Thanks for reading!


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