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May 20, 2013

Weekends around these parts have lately been plan-free and ultra lazy. Even though we still log in some work hours on Saturdays and Sundays — that’s the life of a freelancer — we’ve also had the best time gliding from the park to the market to the couch to Teddy’s puppy breath. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Teddy alternates from angel to devil. During one recent grooming session, we caught him in one of his good moods…until he snapped.

How cool is this Monopoly side table I saw at the flea market?

OK, so we tried to audition to be extras for Anchorman 2. I knew there would be a line, but I had no idea it would take us one hour to go a distance that normally takes us eight minutes. Traffic was insane. The line was even more insane. We didn’t even bother waiting because it was sweltering outside, but props to the guy wearing a burgundy suit à la Ron.

There are only two TV shows both Eaman and I like, and Seinfeld is one of them. Our weekday routine is to watch one rerun during lunch, but we decided a lazy Sunday mandated a viewing…with coffee and desserts bought at the San Diego Food Blogger Bake Sale, including the aforementioned samoa bundt cake and these awesome chai-spiced sticky buns.

Stumbled upon a bulldog meet-up at Balboa Park.

Crazy heirlooms at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.

Magazines and nail polish on a blog? Cliché, you say. Listen: In a way I’m a new mom, and I’ve been feeling like Miranda in the Sex and the City episode when she’s so exhausted from her new baby that when Samantha finally offers her that haircut at an exclusive salon, it nearly brings tears to Miranda’s eyes. Since we brought Teddy home, I’ve felt like a disheveled, unkempt, sleepy mess…until now. I’m finding more time for myself and you wouldn’t believe how glamorous blow-drying my hair and painting my own nails has made me feel. Mommy needs some personal time!

Last Monday was a big, big day. Teddy finished his vaccine schedule and finally got to go outside. Puppies can’t technically play anywhere but their own yards until their shots are complete. (Of course, some people still take their pups everywhere before then, but we didn’t want to risk it.) Without a yard, it had been a monotonous schedule of taking Teddy out to do his business in the parking lot followed by trying to contain his boundless energy in our small apartment. But once we took him outside, he was loving life — and expending all that puppy energy. We now walk him around the neighborhood, run with him in parks and slowly introduce him to other dogs. I feel like a mom dropping her child off to the first day of pre-school. Go have fun with your new friends while I stand here crying and missing you.

He also loves eating grass, so much so that we think his middle name should be “Bob Marley.” Har har.

I won’t sugar coat it: Raising a puppy is hard. I’ve gotten frustrated, I’ve shed tears and I’ve had meltdowns. But now that we can take Teddy outside and be, ya know, normal dog owners, everything’s starting to click. He’s starting to behave better, I’m getting to fulfill my daydreams about running around a park with my doggy and…just look at that face!

4 thoughts on “weekends lately

  1. Cara-Mia

    That side table is indeed sweet! What flea market did you go to, Kobes? That’s always fun on a weekend. :)

    1. Archana Post author

      Yes, Kobey’s! When we first moved here, we were there 5 out if 6 weekends. It was insane, but we got so much great furniture. We were on a hunt for chairs this weekend, but no such luck. Still love sifting through flea market goods though!

  2. Andrea

    Awww, hang in there! Raising a puppy is SO HARD! But now that you can safely take little Teddy out and about, that little ball of energy will definitely be a happier, more well-behaved dog. My vet always reminds me that a tired dog is a good dog (and a happy owner) and it’s soooo true! Looks like you guys are having fun :)

    P.S. That picture of the bulldog meetup is HILARIOUS!

    1. Archana Post author

      Thanks, Andrea! A few people have told me the “tired dog is a happy dog” adage, and you’re so right. Before his vaccinations, the little beast had so much energy, we could hardly contain him. But now that we run him everyday, he can actually play around with us — and not bite! Imagine that! Thanks for reading!


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