baked tandoori chicken wings

May 22, 2013

I say that I rarely eat meat, but the truth is if it’s an Indian or Middle-Eastern dish, I have a hard time saying no. Chicken tikka masala, kebabs, shawarma — I’ll take it! That’s why I love Indiaphile‘s spin on the chicken wing. She takes the classic recipe and adds flavors like turmeric, garlic and garam masala and pairs the wings with a side of cumin-spiced yogurt. I’ve cooked Indian food plenty of times before, but the aroma from this spice blend smelled the most authentic. Even Eaman noticed the difference.

I particularly love her suggestions to cook the wings on a wire rack to get that extra-crispy chicken and to use boiled beets instead of chemical-filled food coloring for that red hue. (I used Trader Joe’s pre-cooked beets; save the rest for a beet, goat cheese, walnut salad!) These could be amazing cooked on a grill, too. What better time to try than during a three-day weekend?

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