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neighborhood watch: bird rock

September 18, 2013

A couple Sundays ago, I explored Bird Rock, a small (and wealthy) coastal community within La Jolla. There’s not much beyond one street of action and some majorly beautiful homes, but I love how intimate the whole place feels compared to the rest of sprawling San Diego.

Anchoring the town is Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, an amazing micro-roaster with a line out the door on weekends. Besides Caffe Calabria in North Park, it’s the only other coffee spot in San Diego where I don’t have to add sugar to my latte; that, to me, is a sign of a really excellent brew. The cafe itself is really lovely, too, with an open-air design and totally relaxed vibe.

And just down the block is Seaside Smoothie & Juice Bar, where my girlfriends and I got acai bowls for brunch. To be honest, it wasn’t as good as the acai bowls I used to make when I worked at Lanikai Juice in Honolulu, but for a hot Sunday morning, I can’t complain, especially since Seaside is connected to Bird Rock Surf Shop, where the owner’s golden retriever freely walks between surf shop and juice bar. He even has his own spot under a table with a bed and kibble.

Check it out:

2 thoughts on “neighborhood watch: bird rock

  1. Cara-Mia

    I love that coffee shop! I go at least once a week since it’s directly across the street from the spin studio I go to! Their vanilla lattes are the absolute best.

    1. Archana Post author

      The coffee is so delicious! I wish I lived closer so I could caffeinate via Bird Rock Roasters every day. But not I’m also intrigued by this spin studio. I love me some spinning.


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