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my rituals: graphic designer rashi birla

September 20, 2013

In this series I often feature people I’ve never met but admire from afar. Today I’m so happy to introduce you to a fellow blogger friend I’ve had the pleasure of actually meeting. (Imagine that!) Rashi and I connected through our mutual friends and as soon as I discovered her blog, Bucket of Squash, in late October, I quickly emailed her to tell her I was in love with her design style. Thankfully, she didn’t think I was a creepy girl fan, and after years of hearing about each other, we finally met up in NYC for coffee to talk blogs, design and everything in between.

She’s a talented graphic designer who’s worked on everything from wedding invitations and web sites to a recent Google social media campaign. I’m a total fan girl for her moodboards and her knack for finding clean, simple and stylish designs. Today, let’s get to know Rashi a little better!

Name: Rashi Birla
Age: 28
Hometown: Fremont, California
Current City: New York, NY
Professional title: Graphic designer

Oatmeal and Smoothies
I’ve been eating pretty much the same breakfast on the weekdays since I started working for myself: oatmeal with blueberries and a large green smoothie. It’s not the most exciting breakfast, but it gives me the energy I need to start the day because I am NOT a morning person.

Sweating it out several times a week (preferably in the form of dance)
I’ve been dancing most of my life and I currently dance part-time for an Indian dance company in New York. Dancing is my release, it helps give me focus, and I’m convinced it makes me a better designer. If I’m not rehearsing for a show, I get my sweat fix from other forms of exercise including yoga, weights, barre, or group fitness classes. There is nothing like a good sweat and feeling sore the next day.

This American Life
Every Monday when I sit down to work, the first thing I do while I’m prepping to start the week is listen to the podcast, This American Life. The show is brilliant and I have a major crush on Ira Glass. I love starting my week with the show not only because the content is so fascinating, but it gives me new perspective on my own life. I’ve heard every episode (some more than once) and I hope they never stop recording it.

Taking a new route home
The best way to see New York is on foot and every time I’m walking somewhere or walking home, I try to take a route I haven’t taken before or walk on streets I don’t frequent often. I love finding stores and places to eat while I walk and taking a picture of exteriors so I remember to come back. Some of the best places I’ve eaten at, I discovered by walking by.

Thanks, Rashi! You can also follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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