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my rituals: photographer arielle vey

August 23, 2013

The only thing that makes me feel better about being an Instagram addict is that my stalking introduces me to new and talented artists — like Arielle Vey, a San Diego-based photographer I recently came across. I love everything about her photos, from the composition to the contrast to the styling. (Seriously, check out her Instagram feed.) I reached out to Arielle because surely a girl with that great of an eye must have some rad rituals to inspire her work. Today, she tells us about redecorating, abstract art and where she prefers to drink her cocktails.

Name: Arielle Vey
Age: 24
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current City: San Diego, CA
Profession: Freelance Photographer

Revamping My Space
Since working from home full-time I have been rearranging, painting over and switching up my space any chance I get. I have a huge passion for interior decorating and the endless possibilities that come with it. Starting mini projects just to make something look a little different always makes my space feel so new. Some days I’ll wake up and change my entire desk situation before getting to work. It’s incredibly refreshing.

Designing is a medium that has fallen deep into my daily life. I love the idea of taking a photo and mixing it with patterns and shapes to make something even more interesting than what I started with. My designs are abstract and revolve around layering, repetition and dramatic patterns coinciding with my photography. Designing just because keeps me on my toes when I feel like I need a break from editing. It’s become my muse after a long work day and definitely a rewarding ritual.

Blog Hunting
I am truly a blog reader. This is a daily occurrence and has been for a quite a few years now. As a result, this ritual has made me fall in love with blogging my own photo shoots. I am always on the hunt for new reads ranging from fashion and DIY to food and interiors. I’ve got a huge thing for blogs that are consistent with great design and a strong voice. Seeing what others are creating and how dedicated they are to their craft inspires me to my core.

Chasing Light
I am very fortunate to live right across the street from beach access. Almost every evening I run to down to the beach to watch the sunset. Usually I’ll take photos until I can’t anymore because each night is so dramatically different. A cocktail in hand is never a bad idea and when it’s a really really good one, that view simply makes my day. Sometimes I barely make it but when I do, it’s breathtaking.

Thanks, Arielle! You can also find her on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Society6 and Pinterest

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