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donut bar: san diego’s first artisinal donut shop

August 21, 2013

Beyond San Diego’s plentiful Mexican food, I’m always whining about all the foods in New York that I can’t find here. Well, I can check artisinal donuts off the list now because San Diego recently opened Donut Bar, a gourmet donut shop with a long list of flavors that rotate each day, everything from nutella, creme brulee and red velvet to birthday cake, chai and chocolate Heath.

I met my friend, Gloria, for breakfast — I use the term breakfast lightly — just one hour after the place opened. They make about 1,000 donuts every day and if you go too late, especially on weekends, you run the risk of fewer flavors to choose from. (The hours of operation read “Mon-Fri 7am — Sold Out.”)

Gloria ordered the glazed and I got the coconut drizzled with chocolate. The donuts, about the size of my face (no, really), are soft, spongy and totally on par with Dough, my favorite spot in New York. They also sell coffee and tea, and host a quaint upstairs cafe with regular seating as well as leather loungers with built-in electrical sockets. It’s one of the few places I’ve come across in San Diego that actually deserves the hype.

Check it out…

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