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7 questions with stylist/designer dani colombatto

October 24, 2014


I mostly use Instagram for inspiration—and posting pictures of Teddy—and Dani Colombatto’s feed is a favorite of mine, thanks to her use of color, pattern and food. The Oceanside-based stylist and jewelry designer, whose line with Arielle Vey launches next April, has a knack for making beautiful vignettes, so I wanted her to share her own vignette about working in the creative world.

Today she dishes on eggs benedict and chopping garlic to clear a mental block…among other things.

Name: Dani Colombatto
Age: 25
Neighborhood: Oceanside
Job: Stylist & Jewelry Designer

What did you eat for breakfast today?
You caught me on a semi-healthy day! I had a smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt and some granola I whipped up. If the question was what did you REALLY want for breakfast today, the answer would be eggs benedict. Forever and always.

What’s the best thing about your job?
One of the best feelings is looking through photos at the end of a long shoot day, especially if it’s a project I’ve been a part of from its inception. The drive to see your creative vision come to life is basically the only reason to be a stylist in my book! With designing jewelry, it will always be seeing my pieces come to life when clients wear them. Warms my heart every time.

The worst?
Staying constantly inspired and full of innovative concepts can prove to be challenging sometimes. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to give yourself room to breathe in this world of constantly flowing content. More than that, it really helps keep your personal creative vision pure and true to yourself.

How do you tackle a creative block?
I get in the kitchen and cook. If I am alone, or not in any sort of time crunch, I’ll make a fancy drink, put on a podcast and just play with ingredients. Some of my very best ideas happen while chopping garlic. Silly, yet true!

What are you currently reading?
Lately, I’ve been reading every cookbook I own cover to cover in order to prep for the holiday season. What Katie Ate and Smitten Kitchen are two favorites. I’m also reading the autobiography of a young woman who escaped Scientology. Quite the mixed reading bag!

What’s your favorite spot in the city and why?
This one is such a toughie! If I’m in North County, one of my favorite things is having brain storming sessions with my creative partner at Pannikin Coffee in Encinitas. The ambiance of the lovely yellow Victorian house is unmatched, and I’m a sucker for an everything bagel. If we’re talking Downtown, I just tried out Craft & Commerce and was a definite fan! I appreciate anywhere that makes a drink equal parts beautiful, tasty and strong. They also give you cute Mexican blankets to snuggle up with while you eat your weight in fried chicken. In other words, I’ll be back!

What was the most awesome thing about today?
Filling my fridge with groceries and a cozy dinner at home with my gentleman. It’s the little things!

Thanks, Dani! Happy Friday, all.

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