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weekend recap: birthday edition

April 14, 2014


For most 20- and 30-somethings, having your birthday fall on a Saturday is the perfect opportunity for a crazy night out. For me it meant brunch, a picnic, Mexican food, and falling asleep before 11 p.m. It was my idea of perfect.

At the start of the weekend, I had given myself one goal: Do not think about work, errands, exercise, or fussing over the dog. Lately I’ve had more trouble focusing on enjoying the moment, and it often feels like I’m moving from one errand to the next, without absorbing a thing. My mission was to live in the present, forget about to-do’s, and remind myself that all those “pressing” things could wait.

But even on my own birthday I couldn’t relax! I woke up knowing the dog needed adequate exercise before being crated throughout the afternoon. And then, “I should really go to yoga tomorrow,” followed by “We should really finish that DIY project by Monday.” Ugh, I couldn’t even sit still on the day where I have full license to be a waste of space. Ay carumba. I struggle with this ADD and guilty feelings more and more lately, and I know it’s something I need to work on. Maybe I should start taking baths or meditating or something. Ideas are certainly welcome.

But I am happy to say that, whether I finally made good on my goal or the previous day’s calorie assault did me in, I was quite the couch potato on Sunday. I watched maybe five episodes of Locked Up Abroad and ate Tex-Mex leftovers for breakfast. Gross-sounding in retrospect but quite delicious on a lazy Sunday.

Here are some scenes from turning 29:

Isabel's Cantina in San Diego // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogCoconut French toast at Isabel’s Cantina in Pacific Beach.

Indian-snacks-southMy awesome mom sent me the most amazing package of all my favorite South Indian snacks.

San Diego Museum of Art's Bloom Bash // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogSan Diego Museum of Art's Bloom Bash // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogSan Diego Museum of Art's Bloom Bash // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogBloomBash at the San Diego Museum of Art, where more than 120 pieces of art are interpreted through plants and flowers. The piece above is a translation of a painting of Garuda, a bird-like creature from Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

Balboa Park // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogPicnic in Balboa Park with friends. Each person had to bring a dish that started with the first initial of their first name. There were cookies, cheddar, taro mashed potatoes, and lots of names starting with “A” that resulted in asparagus salad, two artichoke dips, and agua de coco (coconut water).

dogs-good-for-apartmentsPost-picnic playtime.

Pure Cupcakes in Pacific Beach // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogThe best cupcakes in San Diego can be found at Pure in Pacific Beach.

Ponce's in Kensington, San Diego // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogPonce's in Kensington, San Diego // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blogSan Diego Mexican food is great, but sometimes you just want a giant plate of enchiladas and a goopy bowl of queso, and for this, I go to Ponce’s in Kensington.

Not pictured: a pedicure at Sugar & Spice Studio in North Park and sitting on the couch in my Betty Boop pajama pants. No one really needs to see that.

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15 thoughts on “weekend recap: birthday edition

  1. Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health

    happy belated birthday. i like the idea of picnic and food with your initial :) if you figure out a way to relax and not worry or feel guilty, please let me know.

    1. Archana Post author

      Thank you! People tell me that baths are awesome stress-relievers. I just need to clean my tub about a 100 times before feeling comfortable to lay in it!

  2. Niti

    Happy birthday, Archana! I love your picnic potluck idea…I may have to steal it sometime. Glad you got some relaxation in on Sunday. xo

    1. Archana Post author

      Thank you! I gotta say, everyone loves this picnic idea. I just happen to love kid-like parties, so this is one of my many juvenile party ideas!

  3. Tana

    Happy belated birthday, Archana! A picnic brunch sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. And how sweet is that package with the indian snacks?? :) Hope you had a wonderful one. x

  4. Barbara

    Too funny– I celebrated my birthday last month with a picnic in that exact same spot! Looks like a great birthday weekend with lots of awesome food…. and thanks for the hot tip on the cupcakes! ;) happy birthday!

  5. Adrienne

    Oh happy birthday!!! Looks like you had a food-venture (and there’s nothing wrong with that)!

    Also, I’ve been on the search for some good Tex-Mex in SD! Is Ponce’s considered Tex-Mex – if so I may have to go! Actually, I’ll go regardless – you had me at gooey queso. :)


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