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December 1, 2014

A peek at the holiday weekend that was…


We hosted a Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving with three friends who also stayed in town for the holiday weekend, and it was just perfect. We each contributed a few sides, we all went in on a prepared turkey from Bristol Farms and there was even some Cards Against Humanity action in between. Our apartment may be small-ish, but its open layout makes it a great place to entertain. It’s a good thing, too, because I really, really, really love playing hostess. Those gold spray-painted leaf place cards made the dinner feel just a little extra special. And that green arrangement in the background? i literally plucked some leafy branches from the bushes by our apartment. Et voila!

Macaroni and cheese ingredients

The makings of spicy mac ‘n cheese. Lately I haven’t had the patience to photography recipes, but I promise to share this one soon.


Dog-sitting and boardwalk-walking.


Teddy hardly ever needs his crate these days, so we’re thinking of putting that behemoth thing away and replacing it with, oh I don’t know, more furniture for us? (Don’t feel bad for him: He has two beds in our small apartment, often sleeps in the bathroom and uses the balcony more than Eaman or I ever do.) We went to Kobey’s Swap Meet in search of a reading chair or loveseat but no luck. Though I did see these rad necklaces! The vendor has been collecting pieces for more than 40 years.


On Friday night we went to the Little Italy bar/event space 98 Bottles for a Black Friday event, but not that kind of Black Friday event. It was an indie art show blasting American consumerism. As the event description explains, “Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.” Preach! Sure, I was at Pigment on Black Friday to reap their store-wide 20% discount, but 1.) I like supporting local businesses and 2.) it definitely was not a stampede situation. The event, which included a DJ, art with an anti-establishment themes, live music and spoken word, was a little, er, basic, but the guitar player above was really good. We left early to and listened to a cool reggae band, Piracy Conspiracy, play at Kava Lounge. That’s the most nightlife action I’ve had in a while because I’m a 29-year-old trapped in an old lady’s body.

Wow Wow Waffle // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blog wow-wow-waffle

 Finally trying out Wow Wow Waffle may have been the best part of the weekend—I mean, besides the whole sharing Thanksgiving with dear friends part. The Hawaiian street waffle import, which offers both sweet and savory options along with Coffee & Tea Collective brews, just renovated their back patio, which includes a fire pit, succulent wall and reclaimed furniture. The design echoes the DIY look of the front area, which even has lecture hall chairs from Point Loma Nazarene for seating! I liked the Wafels & Dinges truck in New York City, but at Wow Wow, I love that I can sit and stay a while. Do as I say and get the one topped with pecans, caramel and cinnamon whipped cream. Thank me later.

Happy Monday!

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