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February 27, 2015


Oof, this week was exhausting. Between too much time working on the computer and riding the emotional roller coaster that is self-employment, I think my brain is more tired than my body. I’m looking forward to a dinner date tonight with my boyfriend, a dinner date Saturday with my girlfriend, and a double dinner date on Sunday. Oodles of dates. Plus, as much as I love the loyal sunshine in San Diego, it’s supposed to rain the entire weekend and that’s good news not only for the drought-ridden state, but for me as well. We rarely get those days of gloom and drizzle, so a little imposed couch time and afternoon nappin’ sound downright luxurious.

Hope you have a happy one! Here are some reads to take you into the weekend:

Generally speaking, California, especially SoCal, is the land of flakers and people running late. This doesn’t bode well for me, someone who is insanely obsessed with punctuality. These six charts aptly describe by annoyance. (The Bold Italic)

This pineapple fried rice recipe is so dang good. (Cookie + Kate)

The new season of House of Cards has arrived! Here’s a fun (and grim) infographic about all the people Frank Underwood has backstabbed, blackmailed, manipulated, and/or killed. (Huffington Post)

How to brew the perfect cup of tea whether you’re drinking green, black, or loose leaf. (PAPER/PLATES)

Ten essential San Diego hikes. I still need to do Devil’s Punchbowl and Three Sisters, but I’m a little terrified of the latter. (UT-San Diego)

The remedy for dark under-eye circles? Red lipstick as a concealer. Yes, really! (Today)

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