video recap: september 2013

October 7, 2013

For me, September just sort of came and went because there was so much going on. Eaman turned 30 and as a surprise, I flew his sister in for a weekend of Funfetti cake, Bananagrams, hiking and sunset-viewing. I also went to Riviera Magazine‘s To Dine For event, which pairs the best in San Diego fine dining with A-list interior designers, hiked the Rose Canyon trail with my friend Gloria and got Teddy neutered.

He wore a cone for 8 days, which was kind of a disaster because he trotted around the apartment like it ain’t no thang. He bumped into the coffee table, dragged it with him and broke the cone, so we taped it up, then he ate the tape, then he broke it again a different way, and it went on like that for 8 days. Anyway, the last scene in the video? That’s probably the most realistic portrayal of things — dog toys on the floor and Teddy distracting us from work (and we don’t hate it).

But I digress:

Music: “My Girls” by Animal Collective

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