video recap: october 2013

November 1, 2013

I admit I didn’t turn on my video setting all that much in October, but I did get the most important stuff: a beautiful hike in Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, my dad’s recent visit, a fun fall-themed cooking class, the gorgeous Pacific as viewed from La Jolla, the pumpkin patch and a touch of Halloween. And tacos! Always tacos.

If you notice closely, when we offer Teddy a pumpkin of his own back home, he very gingerly takes it in his mouth, looks back to see if I’ll tell him to “LEAVE IT!” and then seeks sanctuary in his bed. When I bought that bed, I was afraid he’d prefer the cold tile floor and never touch the bed. As it turns out, he takes his most prized possessions — frozen blueberries, carrots, new toys — there to investigate further.

Take a look:

Music: “Go Outside” by The Cults

4 thoughts on “video recap: october 2013

  1. Reema -

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! It caught my eye cause my mom’s name is Archana too! Your video is so cute. It’s making me miss warm weather so much!


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