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buona forchetta in south park

June 5, 2013

For me, Buona Forchetta was love at first Instagram. I had seen the new Neapolitan pizzeria shared on Instagram by some San Diego locals, and I think it was the combination of twinkling string lights and location that got me. The restaurant is located on a quiet stretch of South Park and boasts a minimal, but authentic menu and a fresh-off-the-Italian-boat staff. In fact, the night we were there last week, the owner’s mother was in town from Italy, serving up her own dessert menu. That was our first hint at the deliciousness to come.

We ordered the calzone (too much cheese for me but I appreciate the pizza bubble, see below) and Isabella, a white pizza with crème fraiche, sun dried tomatoes, onion, goat cheese and rosemary. It was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time. That crème fraiche was an excellent choice. Also excellent? The fact that the Coca-Cola served there is the kind made with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.

For dessert, we took the waiter’s suggestion and ordered the Italian mama’s homemade cheesecake. BEST. CHEESECAKE. OF. MY. LIFE. I’ve seriously never had anything like it. The filling was creamy and rich but not overpowering like so many cheesecakes can be, and the berry topping still had the fruit seeds in the mix. Eaman and I were fighting to get the last bite, which is saying something because Eaman normally hates cheesecake.

But best of all, this is maybe the most satisfying dinner I’ve had in San Diego since moving here. Truth be told, we were spoiled with so many amazing restaurants in New York. They’re here in San Diego, too, but you have to really dig and do your research; oftentimes Yelp reviews mean nothing. We had a recent string of unimpressive restaurant outings and were starting to lose hope about the food scene, but it was such a sigh of relief to finally, finally get that good dining out experience. I’m actually counting down the days until we go back in a few weeks when Eaman’s family is in town.

Buona Forchetta | 3001 Beech street, San Diego, CA 92102 | 619.381.4844

3 thoughts on “buona forchetta in south park

  1. Karla

    The Mexican coke really makes a difference! Also, be sure to visit Hamilton’s right across the street. Not only is it one of many San Diego Beer heavens, but they have a good selection of German bar food.

    1. Archana Post author

      Ah yes, Hamilton’s! I hear they’re dog friendly, too. I need to check it out — with our pup. Thanks for the tip, Karla!

      1. Karla

        You are welcome! Oh yes, very dog friendly. I was going through your blog and I see you don’t really drink beer, but may I suggest trying a Piney the elder when you go there. It’s a pretty hoppy beer but it taste very refreshing because it tastes citrusy and almost like guava. SO DELICIOUS but dangerous! I love your blog and I like to see you are enjoying San Diego!


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