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new haircut, (hopefully) new state of mind

June 18, 2014


I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I chopped most of my hair off yet again. The first time was back in 2007, during my senior year of college. I was going for a Victoria Beckham-inspired graduated bob—trust me, it was trendy at the time—and I loved it, except for the fact that it required frequent trimmings and was a mother to grow out once I was over it. (By the way, I’d get my trims at an Aveda school—very cost-effective!)

For the last few months, I had been kicking around the idea of lobbing it off, and it got to a point last week where it just had to be done. Last night I did it—with inspiration from here and here—and it’s like a weight’s been lifted. Sure, I’ll hate growing it out when the time comes and I’ll look 12 when I don’t style it properly, but I just needed to rid myself of the physical and emotional baggage.

For starters, the long hair just wasn’t doing anything for me style-wise. I used to embrace the bohemian, free-flowing, California-girl long locks, but it got so lengthy that it just hung there. I also felt like it enveloped my whole face. That was the first sign.

The second sign was that I’ve been in such an emotional rut lately between keeping up in the freelancer hustle, figuring out what’s ailing Teddy*, and questioning various life decisions. I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself, comparing myself to others, turning into a little hermit, and basically doing everything you’re not supposed to do when you’re bummed out. So I needed a fresh start, something that would put me back on a positive path. A drastic hair cut seems superficial and a little silly, but I needed to feel like a new person, or at least a refreshed person. Something needed to change in a big way to snap me out of my fugue.

And best of all, all 9 inches are going to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths donation program, which creates wigs for women who’ve experienced hair loss due to cancer. Unlike Locks of Love, which sells wigs on a sliding scale based on the consumers’ incomes, Pantene gives the wigs for free. Plus, Pantene requires a minimum of 8 inches, compared to Locks’ 10. For a more in-depth comparison of their differences, check out this great post by Glamamom.

Obviously a cancer survivor getting the chance to feel like her old self far outweighs my need for a refresher, but in the end, it’s a win-win. And I’m thrilled!

P.S. Shout out to all the style and beauty bloggers who are photographed every day. I’m not opposed to the occasional in-action photo for my posts and am actually super comfortable on TV, but something about that DSLR up in my grill for the picture on the right was quite awkward. I told Eaman to say something funny, so he said, “Poop.”

*For those who’ve been wondering, Teddy is doing better. While we were away two weekends ago, he had some, er, bowel issues, and we had to put him on antibiotics. (Thankfully my friend who watches him is a saint and took good care of him!) To really get to the bottom of whatever is upsetting his GI system, we’re trying a stronger antibiotic this week. If we see improvements, he’ll be on it for 7 more weeks. So far, things are going in the right direction, but I hope the medication actually cures the problem and isn’t just a Band-Aid for temporary relief. That said, Teddy is still his loving, playful, often naughty self, and even gained back three pounds. Woohoo!!

12 thoughts on “new haircut, (hopefully) new state of mind

  1. Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health

    Thanks for the update on Teddy…i was wondering how your little baby was doing.

    And you look adorable with the new hairstyle. I don’t know what is it about this month, I have been going through a lot of stress too, hope it passes soon. It is so easy to fall into comparison trap, get lost, and start questions lot of things…i have just been taking one day at a time and just breathing because sometimes thats all you can do and leave it up to the destiny. Sending you hugs.

  2. Raven

    Your new hair is awesome, love it! Totally great to do something nice for yourself to make you feel better. Those emotional ruts just plain suck, sorry you’ve not been yourself lately. You always look so happy in your pictures though, so keep pretending, your insides will catch up :) Totally easier said than done, right? Ugh.

    1. Archana Post author

      Thanks, Raven! I hate to fool people and make them think my life is huge smiles 24/7 so I think it’s nice to be upfront every so often. And I love how you phrased it: “Keep pretending, your insides will catch up.” It’s all about being positive and thinking with the glass half-full, right?

  3. Lin

    Your hair looks SO great! Love it. If it wasn’t for the fact I have super curly hair, I’d probably cut my hair that length. *sigh* Maybe one day, haha.

    Glad Teddy’s doing a lot better :)

    1. Archana Post author

      Thank you, Lin! My hair is curly, too, but also quite fine and relaxed. I wash my hair just 1-2 times a week and almost always blow it out, so I guess this cut works, but I’m interested to see how it’ll look in full curls!

    1. Archana Post author

      Thanks so much, Tiffany! Yes, my long hair was just sitting there, bored and in need of change. I highly encourage a chop when you’re ready. It’s very liberating!

  4. Bethany ~ twoOregonians

    I used to get my hair taken care of at the Aveda school, too! In fact, I’ve found some of my favorite people there. Tomorrow night, actually, a former student is coming over to my place to cut my hair while the baby sleeps. (Win-win?) I chopped my hair off before our grand RTW trip, and sometimes I toy with going back short. (Ted loved it. And I loved how easy it was to clean. But yeah, that growing it back out? Not so much.)

    I feel you on the need for something new, though. I’ve been barely keeping up with life lately, and I feel like my hair is the last thing to get attention. I need some inspiration…

    Your new ‘do looks just jazzy! Love it!

    So glad Teddy’s doing better… xx


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