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neighborhood watch: la jolla

January 23, 2015

La Jolla murals // My SoCall'd Life (photo by PHILIPP SCHOLZ RITTERMANN)

When you think San Diego, there’s a good chance that the upscale beach community of La Jolla is what comes to mind. A cobalt coastline, impressive bluffs, well-manicured green space, chi-chi boutiques, and real estate porn as far as the eye can see—this is La Jolla on the surface. There’s also a longstanding seafood hole-in-the-wall, a contemporary art museum, my favorite French toast of all time, and a series of murals dotted throughout La Jolla Village.

For all my picks, check out my Neighborhood Guide in the latest issue of San Diego Magazine.

Happy Friday!

Photo: Philipp Scholz Rittermann

5 thoughts on “neighborhood watch: la jolla

  1. Jen @ Marshmallows and Margaritas

    I LOVE La Jolla, but I didn’t know about all of this stuff! Thanks so much for writing/posting! I really want to check out all the murals now — I have seen a few of them, but not all.

  2. Cara-Mia

    Love it! I’m in La Jolla five days a week now for work, and our goal has been to go to the beach at least one of those five days. It’s too gorgeous!

  3. Leucadia Chiropractor

    What a great feature! I’m defintely going to check out the murals in the area, they look so striking and definitely great for picture taking. How much do you recommend as pocket money when browsing and eating around the area?


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