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my rituals: san diego magazine associate art director gloria tebelman

February 14, 2014

Gloria Tebelman, San Diego Magazine

Today’s my rituals is a treat for me because it comes to us from my good friend and San Diego Magazine associate art director, Gloria Tebelman. (I’m not big on Valentine’s Day, but I might as well give a nod to the holiday by offering today’s space to a good friend.) It’s no surprise why Gloria and I hit it off. She loves good food, working out (she’s a marathoner!), appreciates early mornings versus late nights out and loves to travel. To top it off, even though Gloria was raised just outside San Diego, her soul is a New Yorker’s. She has that stylish, cultural, driven je ne sais quoi that I thought I would never see again after leaving NYC.

I’m sort of in awe of how much she can accomplish in a day — waking up at 5 a.m. must have something to do with it — so I wanted to know more about her rituals. Today she discusses her love for drip coffee, Vogue and favorite spots to run in the city.

Name: Gloria Tebelman
Age: 28
Hometown: Vista, CA
Current city: San Diego (University Heights)
Professional title: Associate Art Director at San Diego Magazine

Hario coffee drip

Starting Early
I start my day around 5:00 am with three important things: coffee, food and gratitude. I recently fell in love with the infamous Hario coffee dripper, so I’ve been brewing a french roast I bought in Chiang Mai, Thailand last year. Along with coffee I usually eat oatmeal or an egg with toast (I always need good fuel for my work out). While eating and sipping my coffee I write down at least three things I’m thankful for and a few things I’m worried about, I give that up to God and then I’m ready for the day. Some Instagram time usually sneaks its way into my morning while I’m brushing my teeth or my coffee is dripping. I love seeing what people are inspired by! I also love sharing what inspires me.

I run three times a week; it’s my stress release and my upper. I run in the mornings when it’s cooler and there’s less going on. It’s an amazing way to explore the city, and I even scout locations for San Diego Magazine photo shoots when I’m out. A few of my favorite places to run are Sunset Cliffs, Adams Avenue, Windansea and downtown.


I read lots and lots of magazines. I always have and had at least 10 magazine subscriptions as a teenager. And I’ve subscribed to Vogue for more than 14 years. In my queue now are Conde Nast Traveler, Real Simple and Afar.

I travel whenever I can, usually with my husband who also loves to explore. When I’m not traveling I’m learning about new places to go and planning for my next trip. Last year was Thailand and Japan. Next I’m looking at Morocco, South Africa or Paris. I love to experience different cultures and aesthetics; it inspires my design and creative thinking more than anything else. The diversity of the world is chaotic yet beautiful.

Thanks, Gloria! You can also find her on Twitter and (super cool typography finds on) Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Gloria Tebelman

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