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my rituals: noelia pahissa of avarcas usa

August 9, 2013

Noelia Pahissa moved to San Diego from Barcelona in 2004 for her husband’s job and among her many packed possessions were a few pairs of Avarcas sandals, the kind both Noelia and her husband grew up wearing in Spain. It only took a few dozen compliments for Noelia to realize there was an unmet demand for the Spanish product in the U.S. market. Now the San Diego-based couple are co-founders of the Avarcas USA label, bringing handmade, eco-friendly artisan sandals to sustainable-minded Americans.

Today Noelia talks to us about biking the streets, a Sunday food tradition brought over from Spain and building sand castles.

Name: Noelia Pahissa
Age: 39
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Current City: San Diego, CA
Professional title: Co-founder and co-owner at Avarcas USA; mom of a 4-year-old boy and a 2-year-old daughter

Morning routine.
Being a business owner, a mom of two busy ones, a wife, friend and jewelry designer in my “little spare time” takes a lot of energy! My daily routine starts with a good espresso coffee, a quick check of the news from Barcelona and San Diego and email. Both my husband and I get the kids ready for preschool, and then I go for my daily run. Running or biking makes me feel great and full of energy, it’s like taking my daily happy pill.

At home we enjoy to cook a traditional paella at least once a month. We buy fresh sea food from Catalina offshore and drink wine while cooking. Generally every Sunday in Barcelona you cook a paella, so we like to keep this tradition.

The outdoors.
When we are not working, we enjoy being outdoors and spend time with friends. We enjoy Mission Bay. I love to throw the picnic blanket, have some food, friends, family and admire the sunset and palm trees. Coming from Barcelona, I need to see the ocean very often and feel the sand on my feet. I really enjoy spending a morning or evening at the beach, building castles with the kids, playing smash-wall or enjoying a travel magazine (when I can). The beach gives me a sense of freedom and peace and it really relaxes me.

Thanks, Noelia! You can also find Noelia on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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