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my rituals: editor, writer + beauty blogger shyema azam

January 24, 2014


I’m so excited to welcome magazine editor, beauty blogger and my dear friend Shyema Azam to my rituals today! I met Shyema during my early years in New York, and we became fast friends probably because she’s one of the kindest, most hardworking and selfless people I know. Shyema was at the forefront of the blogging explosion; I was actually with her the night her blog, Beauty and the Feast, was designed and live! She was also a huge inspiration for my own blogging career — I started my very first blog (which is embarrassing/humbling to look at now) with her encouragement — and thanks to her I finally let my guard down about that weird thing called Twitter.

With her always changing schedule and multiple beauty events throughout the week, no week is ever the same for this gal. Today she talks about four routines that keep her sane, energized and well-kempt.

Name: Shyema Azam
Age: Stretching my 20s as far as I can!
Hometown: West Chicago, IL
Current City: New York, NY
Occupation: Freelance editor and writer/founder of Beauty and the Feast blog

Stumptown Coffee in New York City // my SoCal'd life, a guide to all things delicious, adventurous and stylish in Southern California

I love lattes. Starbucks on weekdays, Stumptown on weekends.

Spa days
This city demands so much energy, I feel like at times there’s nothing more luxurious feeling than putting on a face mask and basking in a few moments of peace. Sundays are my ‘spa days’ at home, and I’m always rotating my arsenal of masks. Right now I’m loving GlamGlow, and Boscia’s Clear Complexion mask is one of my all-time favorites.


Friday night organization night
While I imagine most people spend their Friday nights going out for a movie or out on the town, I use them to organize my life. I feel like I barely get a chance to breathe on the weekdays, and I look forward to Friday nights sorting through clothes, products and planning the week of posts for my blogs. It’s gives me a better start to the weekend and the week that follows.


Workouts with friends
I’m a generally active person, but I can get bored so easily with the same routines. I like to change it up a lot and I realized how much more I love staying active with friends. I signed up for a basketball league with my roommates, and that was a blast. Now I enlisted another one of my friends as a workout buddy to go to the gym with almost every day. I can’t stress how much easier to stick to a ritual when you have someone in it with you.

Thanks, Shyema! You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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