5 mocktail recipes for spring + summer

April 20, 2015

In the last few weeks, I’ve bought sandals, shorts, and sunscreen. Even though San Diego has perennially perfect weather, a definite summer vibe has set in. And now that my friends in my old stomping grounds of the East Coast and Chicago have finally gotten warmer temps, too, I feel like less of a schmuck talking about it!

Today I’m rounding up some fruity and fizzy mocktail ideas. Drink up! ‘Tis the season.

Cantaloupe + Kiwi Agua Fresca // 5 mocktail recipes via My SoCal'd LifeCantaloupe and Kiwi Agua Fresca (via Foodness Gracious)

Blueberry lemonade // 5 mocktail recipes via My SoCal'd LifeBlueberry lemonade (via Damn Delicious)Cucumber lime mocktail // 5 mocktail recipes via My SoCal'd LifeCucumber-lime mocktail (via The Food Charlatan)

Strawberry Mango Cooler // 5 mocktail ideas via My SoCal'd LifeStrawberry Mango Cooler (via Miss in the Kitchen)Peach lemonade // 5 mocktail ideas via My SoCal'd LifePeach lemonade (via Brit + Co.)

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