life at the moment

January 14, 2015


A little peek at life in real time:

Currently I’m…

Doing: Three fun writing assignments and finding the confidence to pitch ideas to new outlets.

Practicing: Yoga at night. I used to be really strict about going only in the mornings because I consider it a great day-starter, but there’s something to be said for winding down with a good stretch. I’ve also been feeling like come 6 p.m., my mind is bouncing around like an over-stimulated pinball, and evening yoga has been the only way to dial it down a few (hundred) notches.

Making: A lot of healthy dinners from the great vegetarian food blog, Cookie + Kate.

Reading: Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo. After finishing the great fiction read The Interestings, I’ve turned my attention to non-fiction, which is very rare for me. (I like the fantasy of fiction.) Behind the Beautiful Forevers is a New York Times journalist’s stories from a Mumbai slum, and though it was a slow starter, the narrative is starting to gain momentum.

Celebrating: Two years in San Diego (as of this past weekend)!

Planning: A spring weekend trip to Ojai for my 30th birthday and anniversary with Eaman. Teddy’s coming, too! [We have our airbnb, but other suggestions are welcome!]

Eating: Last night’s dinner at Kettner Exchange proved that a restaurant can be buzzy, scene-y, and trendy, and still serve a damn fine dinner. From start to finish, everything was impeccable. The tofu coconut soup, the cavatelli, the zeppole—I may have said “wow” a few dozen times with food still in my mouth. KE certainly lives up to the hype, but reservations are a must.

Watching: Friends season 1 on Netflix. Yes, it’s kind of a time warp and yes, Rachel wears overalls, but the show still has cache, baby.

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