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7 questions with kim praocam of LoveBirdsLA

November 21, 2014

LoveBirds LA founder Kim

Growing up with a mom who still has two closets full of colorful, textured, patterned saris, it’s no surprise that I look for those same qualities in my clothes and accessories. The more color, the better, I say. So when I spotted the rich hues and prints of the handmade accessories from Kim Praocam’s LoveBirdsLA, it was like meeting my kindred textile spirit. Most of her fabrics are sourced from abroad and take me back to our time backpacking in South America and Asia. In fact, one of her now-sold-out clutches is the exact print of pillowcases I bought at the Chiang Mai market in Thailand! Like I said, kindred textile spirits.

Today Praocam talks baby wipes and training to be a Pilates instructor…among other things.

Name: Kim Praocam
Age: 34
Neighborhood: Los Angeles
Job: Mom/owner of LoveBirdsLA

What did you eat for breakfast today?
Coffee and a banana—my usual go-to in the morning!

What’s the best thing about your job?
I love being a mom and I am completely grateful that I can stay at home with him and work on LoveBirdsLA at the same time. LoveBirdsLA allows me to have a creative outlet. I get to surround myself in color and prints all day (along with diapers and baby wipes).

The worst?
The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is that you are working/thinking about your business continuously. There’s not much downtime so work/life balance can be challenging.

How do you tackle a creative block?
I always try and revisit my library of fabrics to see if anything jumps out and grabs my attention, something always does.

What are you currently reading?
Do children’s books count?

What’s your favorite spot in L.A. and why?
The Pilates studio. I’m currently training to be a Pilates instructor, and this is the only time I can fully concentrate on myself.

What was the most awesome thing about today?
I decided to turn my phone off today for a couple hours, and it was THE BEST!

You can also find LoveBirdsLA on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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