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a note on style + 6 pieces of jewelry i need

March 24, 2014

When I lived in New York, I think I bought an article of clothing or an accessory once a week. That doesn’t speak well about my spending habits, but that’s just what happens when you’re in a pedestrian-friendly city. I’d walk everywhere, pass by H&M, and walk out with something I probably didn’t need but loved nonetheless. Fashion was really important to me as a young person in a big city, working in a creative field.

But those style habits came to a screeching halt when I backpacked for a year and then moved to laid-back SoCal and began working from home. When I moved to San Diego, I was either working at the kitchen table or playing at the dog park. Plus, to grossly generalize, I felt like no one else here cared about style, so why should I?

Well now the sartorial tides have shifted. For starters, I’m working in an office (at San Diego Magazine while an editor is on maternity leave) and the motivation to dress up is so much greater. But more than that, I’m realizing that frankly, I do give a damn. And though San Diego doesn’t embody the epitome of style, there are some really stylish women who give a damn, too.

So. I’ve been doing some shopping. Not extravagantly—just classics to create a base. I got these jeans (well-made jeans do make a difference), these boots (on sale and as an early birthday gift from my parents), these flats (much cheaper at Nordstrom Rack) and a few other items no longer online (sorry!).

But what I really want help on is my accessory selection. I used to be all about the bling—heavy necklaces, beads galore, shine to the max—and while those are fun for special occasions, SoCal dictates (and I now crave) more dainty pieces for day-to-day.

Here are 6 items I’ve had my eyes on:

Dainty jewelry // My SoCal'd Life, a lifestyle blog

Satomi Kawakita hexagon necklace [editor’s note: A girl can dream.] //Mixed Media necklace

Top Point Pull Through earrings // Sisters Braille cuff

Gorjana shimmer marquee ring // Upper Metal Class skull earrings

Speaking of accessories, in case you missed Friday’s post, I’m giving away one filigree headband by the talented Regina Morrison of Acute Designs. Super easy to enter, awesome prize to be won.

5 thoughts on “a note on style + 6 pieces of jewelry i need

  1. Kirsten

    You have such great taste! I usually go with JCrew jeans, but now I definitely want to check out your Madewell pair. Sigh, I can’t wait for summer to start at least attempting to look cute again!

    1. Archana Post author

      Thank you! I like Madewell jeans; they’re cut a bit more stylishly than the J. Crew ones. Try ’em!

  2. Krissy

    I could have written this post! Where are the super stylish people hanging out in San Diego? I give a damn, too! ;) Probably going to have to order those cute pull-through earrings. So cute!


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