5 August Favorites

September 1, 2015

The best things I ate, saw, and did in August:Garland Hotel, Los Angeles // My SoCal'd Life1. Weekend getaway to The Garland Hotel. We—Teddy, too!—spent a night at this stylish boutique hotel in L.A.’s North Hollywood nabe this past weekend as part of a work assignment. There were so many fun design details, including this cool butterfly wall, movies played nightly at the pool, macrame decor in the restaurant, and a mini dog park for pooches. More to share on this in a few weeks.The Pearl Hotel's Dive-In Theater // My SoCal'd Life2. Bridesmaids at The Pearl Hotel. This was my second time at the retro San Diego hotel’s weekly poolside movie screenings, but this time I was with a bunch of friends watching Bridesmaids, which is really the best kind of movie to watch with a big group. All those quotable lines! On a sappy note, moving to San Diego in 2013 without knowing anyone was hard and making friends from scratch was even harder. To think I went to this with nearly a dozen people who are now such lovely friends of mine was very soul-satisfying.liberty-station-ntc-san-diego3. Best of San Diego party. A great memory for a few reasons. One, it’s my favorite of all of San Diego Magazine‘s events. Two, I really love that $30 Forever 21 dress. And three, Eaman and I hardly have pictures together anymore—mostly because I tend to take pictures of Teddy and overhead shots of lattes, whoops—so it was nice to get a framer with him.golden-retriever-san-diego-southern-california4. Meeting Teddy’s brother. Randomly running into Teddy’s long-lost brother while walking around North Park? AMAZING!Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 3.50.12 PM5. Travel segment on KPBS. I’ve done radio before—I did a live play-by-play of Will and Kate’s royal nuptials for ABC back when I lived in New York—but last week’s segment on KPBS was my first radio clip in San Diego. I chatted all about last-minute Labor Day travel. You can listen to the full segment and watch a shorter TV spot here.

I’m sure many of you are either ducking out early for the long weekend or mentally checking out if you’re staying local. I’ll actually be heading out to New Orleans tomorrow, so I’m signing off a bit early this week. See you next week! xo

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