3 resolutions for the new year

January 7, 2015


As goal-oriented as I am, New Year’s resolutions used to feel so forced to me. But now that the new year aligns with our move-to-San-Diego anniversary, it seems more fitting to set a new intention for the next 12 months. It’s a time when I take stock of what I’ve accomplished, where I’ve faltered, and how better I can live this now not-so-new San Diego life. I have a bunch of resolutions on the docket, but here are three biggies:

Cook more, eat out less. I don’t drink, I’m not a concert-goer, I rarely go to the movie theater, and I definitely don’t shop much—so where is all my money going? Eating out. I had always thought I was so good about eating in, but after I looked at my last few credit card statements, I realized that all these lunch dates and dinner excursions are adding up. Part of that stems from the fact that I work from home and cabin fever is sometimes inevitable. I also try to justify extraneous grocery purchases—fancy tomato sauces or sesame oil that I’ll hardly ever use—by rationalizing that hey, I’m eating in! But I need to be less tempted; I don’t always need dessert and I shouldn’t snack just because I’m bored. I also need to plan non-dining activities with friends. The funny thing is I’m fortunate enough to eat out for free thanks to my day job as a freelance travel and food writer, so I’m certainly not deprived. I’m aiming for two (paid) meals out and 2-3 coffees per week. There are bigger things worth saving for in my opinion like travel (see below) and eventually, a house.

A trip or two. Everyone is all, “I want to travel more this year!” but I’m coming from a slightly different point of view. I’ve traveled a lot in my life. In fact, I spent 2011-2012 backpacking around the world, so I’m really not one to say I’m deficient in this department. But last year, we traveled only for weddings, to see our families, and one great but work-related trip to Palm Springs. For someone who spends her money on mainly just food or travel, I do feel like I’m missing out. Since both Eaman and I are self-employed, finances are not what they used to be, but I’d really like to save my pennies (see above) to go on one California road trip and one Hawaii trip. Or maybe combine those two to do something bigger like Cuba or Brazil.

A yoga headstand or handstand or tripod headstand or forearm stand. I started a regular yoga schedule last summer, and while I’ve seen progress in a few poses (crow and sidecrow), I’m still scared to death of being upside down. I think it’s rooted in my many years of classical Indian dance training, where the focus is about being very grounded. But I need to just get over myself. It’s really not about the physical. As many things, it’s all mental.

One thought on “3 resolutions for the new year

  1. dixya | food, pleasure, and health

    you have some awesome goals, love #1 and #2 mainly as those are my goals as well. I started my NYE in NY and have a Seatle trip planned, so i think it will be a year of travel for me. Cuba will be awesome!!!!!


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